Monday, March 31, 2014

Grrrrrreat Grapefruit!

Rain! We received heavenly rain.  It even looks like we may receive more. Keep it coming. The weather is beautiful and cool. Most all of the spring blossoms have faded giving way to infant fruit that will surely drop as they develop. 
The Rio Red grapefruit tree is loaded with babies thanks to lots of busy bees.  In the photo above, the current crop being harvested can be seen below the new flush of growth.  I've had one grapefruit almost every morning since January. Wish I would have kept count.  Needless to say, there is no chance of a scurvy outbreak in this garden with grapefruit, orange, manderin, and lemon producing beautifully. The only imperfections would be the cosmetic damage from miners.  The next citrus tree I will bring to the garden is a Bearrs lime.  One of my favorite drinks is chunks of a variety of citrus all squished in a glass with ice and club soda.  So good.
Ajax doesn't care for citrus, but he's enjoying the cool beautiful weather.  High 5 paws for this great weather.  We need to duck inside.  It looks like the skies are threatening to open.

Thanks for the rain and snow!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wisteria to Drool Over

The wisteria is loaded on the pergola.  Every afternoon, the bumble bees are bouncing around loaded with pollen.  The spent petals float to the ground littering the pavement with sweet smelling purple confetti.  Ajax, our English Mastiff, has many water bowls.  That's because they get very slobbery.  In an effort to conserve precious water, his bowls are dumped regularly onto his lawn or various flower beds and baskets.  The wisteria benefits from Ajax's drool (gross).  Nonetheless, his drool helps.  This year especially we all need to be very creative in conserving water.  Thanks Ajax.