Sunday, December 27, 2020

Bareroots 2020

 Early in 2020, some new bareroot fruit trees replaced some failing trees. The Old Blenheim apricot was replaced with an O’Henry peach. An old Granny Smith Apple tree was a mess and replaced with a Craig’s Crimson_ cherry tree. The new trees will be pruned to join in the espalier fence line for the garden. Although the peach has a not-so-straight vertical growth, it might be able to be braced a bit to form a straighter midsection. The neighboring nectarine will be pruned back a bit to allow enough room for the peach to grow horizontally. 

The cherry tree came into the garden as a very tall (6’) whip.  It was cut down to about 4’ to keep the height in line with the rest of the tree fenceline an encourage lateral growth. So far, lateral branches are sparse. I need to learn how to encourage that lateral growth.