Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Berries

Easter time means strawberry time around here. Unfortunately, my strawberries aren’t ready. I made a trip down to my favorite strawberry stand and bought some delicious, red, juicy berries. A skinny size 0 was in front of me and the other “ample” hausfraus in line. Oh, we could have taken her skinny butt and snapped it like the twig it is; but that wouldn‘t be in the spirit of Easter. Instead, we were happy to know that we would take our purchases home and enjoy them without jamming our finger down our throat to keep us in our size 0 jeans.

Once I was home and had a few berries, I went back out to the garden a puttered around. Here’s what’s going on in the garden today:

The peas are starting to make their way up the trellis.

The aloe vera is starting to bloom.

The carrots and radishes have been thinned.

Since the 1st crop of radishes are finished, the beets have a bit more room to spread out.
Tomorrow is Easter. I'll be eating my strawberries and See's candy happy in the fact that I'm enjoying everything---even not being a size 0.

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