Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Citrus Christmas

Here in California citrus grows most everywhere.  I have 4 trees in my garden:  mandarin, lemon, orange, and grapefruit.  These are baby dwarf varieties.  Three out of four trees are producing.  The blossoms wouldn’t hold on to the grapefruit.

To me the taste of cold citrus fresh off of a tree tastes like Christmas to me.  When I was a kid, my parents would take us out to the orchards and have citrus shipped to friends and relatives that didn’t have access to fresh oranges.  Of course, there were samples for us to scarf down.  And who doesn’t love the scent of the blossoms?

Here’s how things are looking.

DSC_0995_2301 mandarin

DSC_0998_2306 navel orange (Not quite there yet.)

DSC_0997_2303 variegated lemon


Maureen said...

Your citrus look beautiful....our mandarins are nowhere near that ripe (and frankly the tree doesn't look so hot either).

I saw the variegated lemon in a restaurant in Springville (a slice came with my tea)....where did you find the tree??? (I want one!)


Maureen: I believe I purchased the lemon from either of 2 local nurseries - White Forrest or Robbie's. They carry stock from Four Winds Growers.
You should be able to find one. All my citrus are dwarf.

Lisa Paul said...

Lucky you. Up in Sonoma, it's just a little too cold for citrus, unless you place it in a really sheltered spot and prepare to cover it up on a frost night.