Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chiot’s Run

I won something.

I won something beautiful.

I won something useful.

I won a calendar from Chiot’s Run.

It’s a big, beautiful gardening themed calendar.

The 13.5” x 19” calendar is perfect for jotting down garden notes.

The photos will inspire you to get out there and chronicle your garden.

You can buy one here.  If you have gardeners on your list, get one for each of them and you’re done. 

You’re welcome.

DSC_1145_2470Chiot’s Run is a garden based blog with tons of information.

Thanks Chiot’s Run.  I hope you sell out.


Maureen said...

I got mine in the mail Saturday....and it is stunning!!!

ps. of course I had to purchase mine...but it's totally worth the price!!!

Chiot's Run said...

Glad you like it. Everyone I gave one to for Christmas loved it. My grandpa was particularly enthralled with it.