Sunday, January 20, 2013

Amaryllis Success!

The Amaryllis this season started by coming out of the box on December 26, 2012, as a contorted specimen (See 1st photo.). A stake was used to gently right the wrong; but by day #2 the stem was well on its way to growing strong and upright. The stake was removed.

By day #23 (January 17, 2013), the bulb was in full bloom (See 2nd photo.). Three flowers on one stem remain bright in the kitchen window today. This seems to be the only successful Amaryllis grown from several other Christmas gift bulbs purchased by my brother.

The image on the box for Minerva looks more red than what I have (See 3rd photo.). I like this variety and hope to be successful in having it multiply and bloom in years to come.

If you've had success with Amaryllis, please share your suggestions.

PS - I had to compose this post using the Blogger app (while watching football) because Blogger is not allowing me the option of adding photos from my computer. Turds.

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dorothy said...

That is a beautiful amarylllis. I was given some free amaryllis bulbs at our annual Garden Give & Take Day a couple of years ago and planted them out in the flower bed. They came up but the darn slugs and snails didn't give them a chance. Apparently they were very tasty!