Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kitchen Update

Recent gardening activity consists of weeding which is pretty difficult because I'm not allowed to bend or twist yet since my back surgeries. I came across a long handled dandelion weeder; so I use that to pop out weeds one at a time.

Peaches (O'Henry) are ripening and eaten fresh daily.  This tree was on the short list a few summers ago because of sun scald.  But after using wrap around the truck of this espalier it's thriving and producing well.

Kitchen Update:

The cabinets were finally completed down at the cabinet shop.  They were installed this week.  Now Farmer MacGregor is varnishing and painting everything in anticipation for the soapstone countertops. The blue tape tabs are on the drawers until painting is complete.  Then, the hardware will be installed.  Note:  the countertop on the china cabinet/hutch is mahogany butcher block that will be lightly stained and lacquered.


2 Tramps said...

The cabinets are simply beautiful!

dorothy said...

Oh, it's progresssing beautifully! Very well done. I'm glad that you are enjoying your summer fruits. We have been taking advantage of what's offered at the local farmers markets.

Mike said...

Those cabinets look great!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

These are beautiful! What a gorgeous kitchen.