Monday, May 26, 2014

Super Sweet 100

Just planted a Super Sweet 100 in the Serrano pepper bed.  Picked it up at Walmart this weekend while taking my mother shopping. This variety is resistant to nematodes.  Excellent.

It's 90 °F & not quit 8pm. The garden is popping from the heat.  My swamp pants tell me it's time to enjoy the AC.


Sue said...

That's always been a good producer. Hubby loves to sneak into the garden and grab handfuls of them.
Grow well, little plant!

daisy g said...

We are feelin' the heat here in Central FL too.
We grow Sweet Million cherry tomatoes at the farm where I volunteer and they are super-sweet! Enjoy your harvest!

David said...

Maybelline, I grew a cherry tomato plant on my poor man's living patio in a container one year. I never really knew what the name of it was because, silly me, I threw the little label stuck in the dirt away. It produced the most outstanding cherry tomatoes I've ever tasted. I always wondered what it was and maybe it was the super sweet 100 variety. This year I have a couple grape tomato plants that my neighbor gave to me because she just couldn't find a good spot in her yard to plant them. She has big shepherd dogs and a runs a small daycare which is not the best for plants in the yard. So I volunteered to grow them for her. We will see how that turns out. They are the first to bloom and are looking good so far. I haven't grown cherry tomatoes in about three years. They are just too prolific for me. In their prime, I couldn't give them away fast enough. I hope yours turn out great.

Have a great cherry tomato planting day.

dorothy said...

There's nothing like home grown tomatoes! I hope they like the heat, although I guess it could be worse. No triple digits in the forecast for the next week. At least not here. Although we turned the AC on yesterday for the first time this year and it was only 98┬║!