Sunday, September 28, 2014

Off With Their Heads!

Thornless Boysenberries

The boysenberries are all set for the winter.  All of the suckers were removed along with any other unwanted canes.  The canes that emerged this summer (primocanes) have been tied up to the supports where the growth will be pruned to keep it in bounds of the support.  In early spring, the primocanes become floricanes when blossoms form followed by fruit.  When the harvest is complete, the canes that are tied to the support are then removed and the process starts all over again.  Some compost rich with chicken manure was applied even though organic fertilizer was put down about 10 days ago.  These plants, like me, are ready for cold weather.

When I was cleaning up the boysenberries, I came upon an evil grasshopper.  Without missing a beat, my pruning snips went into action decapitating the beast.  BAM!  Now here's the creepy part...the body was hopping and flying without a head!  Nightmares.  Even creepier...the body was gone the next morning.  Perhaps it's in very poor taste to report on this beheading what with all the recent news; but this is what's happening in the garden and I'm in the mood for Halloween.


David said...

Maybelline, Hmmmm, the sleepy hollow grasshopper. I hear the Twilight Zone music in the background. And so begins the month of October with all the creepy stuff and decorations that come with it. Some where along the journey of life I lost the fascination of Halloween. Maybe it's because of all the graphic movies made about Halloween. In my maturing years (old age) I have gravitated more toward fall harvest and Thanksgiving time. Maybe it's because I am much more involved in gardening than a few years ago so I'm more in tune with harvest in the fall than zombies and vampires.

Have a great Fall day in Bakersfield California.


Dave: I used to love Halloween until it became so commercialized similar to Christmas. I still love old fashioned Halloween with homemade costumes and treats; but now I believe that Thanksgiving is my favorite. Everyone gathers to cook, eat, and enjoy company without presents or obligations. Hope you are well.

dorothy said...

Oh my...what a creepy sight that must have been. Gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it! So I'm putting it out of my mind right now! I'll put up my Halloween decos this week sometime...just innocent little scarecrows and pumpkins. No Headless Hoppers here!

Glennis said...