Thursday, October 9, 2014

October Skies

Flying Saucer Morning Glory
Earth has tilted so the sun's rays are a more tolerable angle.  Not quite so harsh at noon.  Have the shorter but still blazing hot days encouraged the morning glories planted in June to finally grow vigorously and bloom?  Is the increase in irrigation because of the pea seedling sprouts planted in the same area the reason the vines are popping with flowers bringing all kinds of pollinators into the garden?  The seed package said this variety does not like a lot of water.  Lies.  It's probably a combination of everything.  Maybe even the blood moon had something to do with a trellis of blue and white blooms.

Dorothy (Soil Sister of the San Joaquin), up in Visalia, was bragging about her beautiful morning glories back in early September. I was always under the impression that morning glories were like weeds in the garden and my measly vines weren't growing much at all.  Kind of an ego crusher.  But Dorothy seems to be able to grow pretty much any kind of flower.  Then the calendar page turned to October and my measly vines are coming right along.

This variety reminds me of soft, old blue jeans that have been splattered with bleach.  Or white painter's pants splashed with indigo paint. Blue and white are the colors of my high school - Bakersfield High School.  It's the name of the school paper - The Blue & White.  The Drillers are great.

Most all the flowers are blue and white.  Of course, nature throws in a peculiar nonconformist once in a while.  Almost perfect except for the blotch of something at one o'clock.  I'm glad I tried to grow these weeds called morning glories.  So far, no regrets.  I may change my mind once the seeds start to explode.

Enjoy your October skies wherever you are.


dorothy said...

Maybelline, Thank you for the compliment, but not everything grows for me!. I can't get wisteria to bloom for anything, unlike the gorgeous display you get from your wisteria. Congratulations on your Morning Glory blooms. Now they will be with you forever. They are pretty!

daisy g said...

I've never seen morning glories that color. Just gorgeous. I'll have to see if I can find those seeds. Enjoy!

Mar said...

Those are stunning! That color is amazing. I've had minimal luck with them in Sacramento, but my mom grows them with great success up in Susanville (although she keeps planting the blue ones and they always end up purple).

I think morning glories like far more water than I'm willing to provide, especially now. Mom's grow up a downspout at the corner of her porch, so they get tons of water there.

As for the late blooming...I had a similar issue with moonflowers a few years ago. I planted early and babied them all through a blisteringly hot summer (although Sacramento isn't as consistently hot as Bako), but I didn't get a single bloom until October. They were lovely though!

Glennis said...

Hi, Maybelline! Your comment languished in moderation, but I've published it! Thank you!

I have my moderation settings so that comments left more than so many days after a post was published go to moderation - it helps get rid of spam. But that means I have to remember to go check the waiting comments.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your Morning Glories are lovely...just perfect and I am glad you grew them:)

Lea said...

Very pretty!
I consider morning glory a weed when I tries to invade my vegetable plot, but it is very welcome when it behaves itself and stays in the flower garden!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Donna said...

Your morning glories are so pretty. I love seeing them along the road side when we travel.