Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bud Break - Santa Rosa Plum

The buds on the Santa Rosa plum are the first to break this spring (Feb 13, 2016). It is loaded with buds. All the other fruit trees are loaded too - peach, apple, nectarine, and apricot - but the pear tree looks to have another bloomless year.  Diva.


David said...

Maybelline, good to hear from you again. There's nothing blooming here in Nebraska. We still have snow on top of the frozen ground. I have seen a couple gatherings of Robins so Spring can't be too far away. I planted my Walla Walla onion seeds yesterday so the official gardening season for 2016 has started. What's up with the pear tree? Just old or just rebellious? I hope you enjoy all you other fruit this year.

Have a great Spring flowering fruit trees day.

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