Sunday, August 30, 2015

Come On Fall!

Today, the morning air was refreshingly cool.  Excellent. October is on the way.  The tomatoes have been removed along with the morning glories.  The raised beds have been tilled (with my new Earthwise electric tiller) and are being prepared to be planted with seeds for the winter garden.  Some of the seeds used are leftover from 2014.  So what.  If weed seeds have no expiration date, these seeds better perform too.

The beet bed is now ready for Farmer MacGregor to roll out the drip lines.  Here's what was planted today.

More beet seeds will be sown in the coming weeks to insure beet harvest throughout the winter.  Delicious.


Sue said...

That kills me that I'm "emptying" the garden for the year, and you get to start again. Times like this I wonder WHY did I move so far north , but then remember snowmobiling and skiing and sledding and snowshoeing. But lucky lucky you!
Happy Gardening!

daisy g said...

I hope to get my fall garden going soon too. So glad you reported the cool changes. That means it will probably be heading our way (eventually)! Enjoy the sowing!

David said...

Maybelline, it's good to hear from the southwest. Things are on the down hill side of gardening here in Nebraska. There's only 44 days until the first frost date which is really when the garden clean up begins. The cucumbers are toast and need to be pulled out. The tomatoes are coming in fast and 12 quarts were canned last Friday. The green peppers are really good this year and a five gallon bucket was harvested last Thursday. The green beans are going to seed for dry beans for the winter. All the garden is past the peak of the year. Temperatures were dancing with upper 40s at night but now we are back up in the 60s at night and 90s during the day. It won't last for long as September starts the fall season of leaf fall and cooler weather. It's been a different kind of weather year for sure with a big surplus of moisture. August alone was five inches over the average. The biggest garden threat this year was the deer and raccoon. Between the two there were no strawberries, no squash or pumpkins, and no sweet corn for this year. They tasted the cucumbers and green beans but apparently didn't really like the taste.

Have a great day in the garden.

Anonymous said...

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