Friday, July 3, 2009

Window Washing

I washed windows this morning. There’s something very satisfying to me about having clean windows. It hardly rains here; so the accumulation of dust is regular and fierce. I had to get crackin’ before the sun warmed up the glass.DSC_1104_1324 Oh sure. Now the world can see that I had to purchase lemons rather than use some from the tree. My baby tree only has one lemon; so I was forced to buy some. Hey, they are from the USA.

What’s that you say? There’s something on the outside of the window? Hmmmm.


Let me get a better look.


…and that’s in the shade! I think I’ll just go take a siesta until November.


Siren said...

I am envious that you even have that lemon tree! 103 though! whooo doggie!

Rowena... said...

Either my blog feed line up is not keeping me up-to-date, or I am spending way too much time outdoors with the doggies. No way that I could have not noticed 103.5 degrees. I think I'm gonna faint.