Monday, August 24, 2009

Suggestions, please.


The summer flowers are doing great.  Lavender, marigolds, sweet alyssum, petunias, etc.  Now, I need to find something for the fall/winter in Zone 9.  Chrysanthemums are fine if I could find something more unusual and fall-like.  The varieties sold in the nurseries around here resemble daisies.   The plants will be in full sun.  They need to be hardy.  Nothing gets babied here.

Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks.


Lisa Paul said...

Let me see what's planted in our "Insectarium" which is a native planting designed for year round color to attract birds and beneficial insects. I've noticed the summer color is done and some plants look like they are starting up. If they survive in Sonoma, they should survive in Bakersfield.


I thought of cockscomb; but believe that is a summer (shade) plant. Still searching.