Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall is Finally Here

DSC_0944_2258 This was taken out at Lake Ming this morning when we were walking the dog.  The weather has finally cooled down and everyone was out taking advantage of the situation.  Golfers, bike riders, walkers, picnickers, and BBQers were all out.  We even saw deer that had wandered down out of the Sierras.

Today, the tree trimmers are coming to thin the Chinese Elm.  The leaves and seeds from the tree are truly never ending.  Hopefully, this will keep the tree healthy and produce massive amounts of shade when we return to “Hades” type weather.


a_garver said...

Beautiful photo!!!

Lisa paul said...

One thing I love about California -- well maybe it's different for us in Northern California than it is down your way -- is that we effectively have two springs. Our recent rain and the cooling temperatures have caused the hills to go green here with baby blades of grass. Then all our winter blooming things -- like the red berries of Toyon and Manzanita -- are all starting to color up.