Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Bounty

Over at Chiot’s Run in Ohio,  a display of remaining garden color was posted along with a question posed:

Do you still have anything blooming if you live in a cold area? If you live in a more temperate climate, what blooms for you this time of year?

This inspired me to get out in the garden to record the blossoms that are exploding the day before Thanksgiving.  This was a quick tour before Labor Day in the kitchen began (& continues into Thursday night).  I’m in zone 8 or zone 9 depending on what you’re reading.  Here they are – straight out the camera. 

Happy Thanksgiving

DSC_1007_2338DSC_1008_2339DSC_1012_2343DSC_1013_2344 DSC_1016_2347DSC_1018_2349DSC_1019_2350 DSC_1020_2351 DSC_1024_2355 DSC_1025_2356 DSC_1026_2357 DSC_1030_2361 DSC_1037_2368 DSC_1041_2372 DSC_1044_2375 DSC_1051_2382

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Dan said...

I have that same lemon tree! It has only ever produced one fruit for me, I keep hoping for more.