Friday, February 19, 2010


DSC_1271_3128 The peas are really thriving in the warm weather.  The loads of white blossoms are maturing into sweet pea pods.  When I’m out in the garden and spot a nice, fat pod I take a seat and enjoy the naturally sweet treat.  I haven’t been able to save enough to cook.


DSC_1452_2862These were planted on October 2 and October 5.  By the end of January, they needed to be contained with some twine to keep them from overtaking the garlic.  The package of Little Marvels listed 62 days to maturity.  WRONG!  The waiting time was double.


The Little Marvel peas aren’t the only peas doing well in the garden.  Royal Blue Sweet Peas planted in September are getting ready to fill the air with spicy scents. DSC_1273_3130

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