Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scotland, Cabbage, & Protestants

Scotts1932I’m 1/2 Scottish.  My mother (infant pictured above with my Grandpa, Aunt Helen, and Granny) immigrated in 1956.  My Grandpa, let’s call him Jimmy because that was his name, grew up on a farm with 12 siblings and continued working in gardens and with livestock all of his life.  When he harvested a cabbage, he would mark a cross (+) on the remaining stump.  I didn’t really know why; but my mother encouraged me to continue this practice.  DSC_1060_3452Recently, I purchased an old knife at a local gun shop to use in the garden.  I used it to cross the remaining stumps.  I found out that spring and early summer varieties may be induced to produce secondary heads by cutting a cross in the top of the stem. It didn’t work in my garden.  Maybe next time.DSC_1120_3516To be clear.  St. Patrick’s Day is not celebrated in my home nor my mother’s home.  She insists on wearing orange on that day in Protestant fashion.  Her saint of choice is St. Andrew. MacDuh!imageLast weekend, I harvested the last of the cabbage to share with associates at work that do celebrate St. Patrick’s DayPlease click on the St. Patrick’s Day link with your speakers on.DSC_1243_3108




Note:  The soil looks completely spent.  The bed is due to be amended before summer plantings are established here.


L said...

That is the first photo of Granny where she doesn't look the same as she does now. But it does show that she was able to sleep at one point in her life.

Francesca said...

How interesting to learn the reason why your father cut a cross in the stumps! Hope it works for you next time!


Historical note:
The gentleman pictured in the 1st image is my grandfather. He was born and died in Scotland. I am American (all the way)with Scottish heritage.

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

great post... :)