Monday, October 24, 2011

May I See Your ID?

Quite a few blossoms are thriving in the back garden now. 
Are you feeling smart?  I have photos of a dozen different blooms for you to identify.  Today, I’m offering 6 for your identification.  I’ll post the answers with as much name information that I know at the end of this post for you to grade your knowledge.  No prizes---just the crown that you’re a garden smarty.
Ready?  Set?  Go!
Here come the answers…

  1. Moonflower (Ipomoea alba)
  2. Lantana (Verbenaceae)
  3. Hawaiian Blue Eyes (Evolvulus glomeratas)
  4. Bacopa (Jamesbrittenia Party Orange)
  5. Chrysanthemum
  6. Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa)
How many did you get right?

5 comments: said...

If I'm being honest I only got one right. I got one half right. =0)

dorothy said...

Well I couldn't ID Hawaiian Blue Eyes and Bacopa. The others I knew. I have never had bacopa in that color but it's pretty!

Sue said...

I got fooled by that Bacopa too. I've never seen the orange....

Lo said...

Sob....only got one right....the mums.

My excuse is ignorance and being half blind but I enjoyed all the flowers, thank you.

I have not forgotten that I promised you some of these days......

Aunt Snow said...

Fooey, I'm too late to try - but before I scrolled down to your answers, I got them all right in my head except for Bacopa.