Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blue Wisteria

The final new plant is a blue wisteria. We already transplanted the old wisteria to climb up the pergola. When we transplanted it this summer, we didn't hold out much hope that it would survive the blistering hot summer. Surprisingly, the old girl bloomed!

The new bare root will be a companion. It's already in the ground. The plan is to have an abundance of same colored stunning blossoms draping from the pergola. Wisteria comes in a variety of colors from white to purple. Hopefully, the pergola will support loads of beautiful, fragrant blossoms.

Big, fat bumblebees hover around along with the hummingbirds. A lovely confetti floats down when the petals fall. Then, soft light green leaves sprout to knit a shelter from the summer sun.

As the wisteria develops and the pergola project is completed, I hope to be able to post photos here.

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