Sunday, January 25, 2009

Espalier (es-PAL-yer) (es-Pal-yay)

The redwood posts are in and the 3 lines of wire have been strung. We pruned 6 fruit trees in espalier fashion to train them along those lines. Anything above the tallest line got lopped off. Pruning was difficult because I could see the plump buds that I was eliminating. Here's an upclose image of the apricot along with a view of all the trees that were pruned. As the summer progresses, I'll post updates to show how they develop.

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ChristineM said...

Just stumbled upon your blog - love that big white dog at the top! I have one of those myself! :)

Looking forward to living vicariously through you in the garden...our's is under a foot of frozen ice/snow at the moment... :(