Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cupid MacGregor

DSC_2249Farmer MacGregor scored large when he said he was going to the store for some Fritos or something and returned with Valentine’s bouquets.  There’s loads of red and white roses.  One accent flower caught my interest.DSC_2247Statice (Limonium sinuatum) – It’s that purple straw-like flower.  I would like to get some seeds and try growing some.  They seem perfect for zone 8-9’s hot, dry summers.  We’re expecting a very dry summer so this might be a great time to try.

Has anyone tried these in the San Joaquin Valley?  Is planting from seed viable or should I consider seedlings/plants from a nursery?

Enjoy Valentine’s Day in the garden.


Mrs. Mac said...

I grew statice in zone 10 (Antelope Valley) .. but started from a plant. They always added so much to home picked floral bouquets. I don't remember if they over winter well with frost.

dorothy said...

Beautiful flowers! I love the color of that statice. I have never grown it though. Happy Valentine's Day!

Lo said...

I love statice but all I know is don't overwater it. I did and....sob....killed mine. Don't know about seeds....mine was a plant.

Good luck

Far Side of Fifty said...

Very pretty! Happy Valentine's Day! Try some from seed and see what happens..they will take longer to bloom:)
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