Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fruit Tree Grooming Time

Before the temperatures plummeted and the wind picked up this evening, all the fruit trees were groomed (espalier).  Some of the trees are more vigorous in their growth than others.  The apricot is the champ.  It's similar to a man with a constant 5o'clock shadow.  Man, it needs regular grooming.
Blenheim Apricot
The branches are holding a nice amount of fruit now.  Hopefully, the wind won't change that.
Another tree that needs regular grooming is the plum.  The greenery is also vigorous and helps to shade the opened branches.  The more the greenery, the less chance of sun scald.  Growing the laterals out a bit more is one of the goals for this tree.
Santa Rosa Plum
Some plums are developing and should be sweet and juicy.  A wind storm knocked off most of the blooms; so this summer will be dedicated to maintaining its shape and encouraging fruit for next year. Hope I can beat the birds to the harvest.
Santa Rosa Plum
These two trees have been growing well in zone 8-9 with little maintenance, care, or pests. I can recommend them the next time bare root season comes around.


Anonymous said...

Wow, these are coming along so well! I have yet to find a place in the back for espaliered trees but I do think I've narrowed down a site in the front for them to act as fencing. You've inspired me and I've even read a couple books now on espalier with grapes and fruit trees!

Erin said...

I think that you have some of the nicest espalier trees I've ever seen. Really really beautiful. I am about to start training my two apple whips. I've popped your picture into my photos here in my ipad so that i can refer to it. Thank you.

dorothy said...

From the looks of that apricot, I would say you have mastered the art (or is it science?) of espalier! We are waiting for the rains here in my part of the valley. Should be arriving any moment.

Unknown said...

Wow - those are gorgeous trees!

Steve said...

Looks great. This will be our first year of really trying to espalier our fruit trees.


* Dorothy - As the winds picked up, the temperatures fell yesterday. I woke up this morning to the wonderful sound of rain...and it was really raining! Enjoy this while we have it.