Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Our Warren Pear tree is the garden diva.  Or should that be Devo?  It grows beautifully and is probably the best type of tree for espalier pruning.  The branches naturally take to this type of pruning.  The bark is a nice olive, green-brown.  The leaves are glossy with long stems allowing them to flutter in the breeze.  It really looks marvelous. 
Warren Pear
Unfortunately, not one blossom has ever been produced.  A description from Dave Wilson Nursery up in Reedley, California states:
"Excellent quality dessert pear - and highly resistant to fire blight. Medium to large, long-necked fruit with pale green skin, sometimes blushed red. Smooth flesh (no grit cells) is juicy and buttery with superb flavor. Good keeper. Cold hardy to -20°F. From Mississippi. 600 hours. Self-fruitful."
Since Warren is self-fruitful, shouldn't there be blossoms all over the laterals?  The tree is 4 years old.  All the other variety of trees have produced something.  Some more than others. Warren needs to start earning his keep.  He won't get replaced just yet because he's such a marvelous diva/devo in the garden.

Any insight into my barren pear tree is appreciated. 


Lo said...

Don't ask me.....I am still grumbling because I didn't know that
Avocado trees were male or female and the seed I planted is now 20 feet tall and no fruit br use I should have grafted or something.
.... Well, one year there were 3 fruit but I figure that happened by accident like the wind blew an unplanned pregnancy its way.


You're a riot, Lo!

Randall said...

Two guesses:
1. It's not quite old enough to produce. I wouldn't plan on anything on a tree younger than 5 years.

2. It's not getting enough chill hours. Zone 9 probably has fewer than 500 per winter, and the description of that tree indicates it needs 600.

Literally, guesses. Good luck.


Randall: Those are 2 very good guesses. The tree is still a bit young but this winter wasn't very cold. Here's hoping for snow next year.

DJK said...

My pear tree is on its fifth year with me and is "blowing up". Hold tight, she'll produce!


DJK - THAT is marvelously encouraging news.

victoria said...

Except for the lovely lady who posted first, I am amused at the pooches pondering their pears.