Friday, November 9, 2012

Stitch in Time

Still unable to work in the garden.  Walk in the garden - yes - work in the garden -no.  I sit and embroider, write, read, or plan the Spring garden. No political influence via radio, TV, or Internet allowed. My devastation from Tuesday's election results is deep. So I will turn my energy and thoughts to all things non-political and wish the winners well with hopes my country won't be destroyed.

Mustard is up and thriving.
Lettuce is in need of thinning.
Bell peppers need harvesting.
Gold Current tomatoes need to be harvested (and harvested some more).
Sweet peas have sprouted.
Peas have not sprouted. Several varieties were planted with no results.  Strange.
Basil (volunteer) is thriving amongst the mustard.
Parsley has sprouted.
Leaves are falling.
Hedges need trimming.


Lo said...

Wishing you quick recuperation from your surgery so you can get back to doing what you love....gardening.

Strange but encouraging that we can have such opposite political beliefs but can still share.

For solace I can only repeat to you what you said to me many months ago when I expressed my fears......"don't worry (about the country going to hell) will be OK....honest."

dorothy said...

Hi Maybelline, I'm not sure my other comment went through. I'll try again. Is it a Thanksgiving tablecloth you are working on? That's a nice way to pass the time.
I posted today about my Fall leaf craft. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanks for your kind words, Lo. Your optimism and my negativism for the next 4 years should balance out.


Dorothy: the tablecloth is brought out each Christmas. Everyone around the table is invited to enter a thought/memory for the year. I then have an entire year to embroider those entries. It's a nice way to remember Christmases past.


And I lost a follower. Do you suppose they object to embroidery?