Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cut or Keep?

The Blenheim Apricot has some borer damage that was discovered during recent dormant spraying. I've sent out photos to several local nurseries, some blogging pals, and to a few podcasters I follow. Most all advise to cut the damaged limb.

A tree trimmer visited our backyard to provide an estimate for pruning a Chinese Elm. He advised to leave the limb. Now that's the answer I want to hear; but if it's best to remove the limb I would like to do it soon. A replacement lateral limb on this espalier shouldn't take long to grow.

Next weekend I'm attending a pruning seminar and will take photos and questions regarding this problem and others in the yard. Photo #1 shows the tree full of leaves and fruit taken this past spring (April 2012). I've circled the damaged area. Photo #2 is a close up of the largest damaged area. Photo #3 is smaller damage all in the same area. Both of these photos were taken on January 13, 2013.

I'm interested in any other opinions. A decision needs to be made soon.


dorothy said...

Maybelline, Hopefully you will get answers at the pruning seminar. Have you tried calling the county ag extentsion office for help? Here's a link to the UC IPM website.
I hope it helps!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Prune it out..seems to me to be a damaged area that might cause you some problem in the some disease carried by insects. When in doubt..prune out. Looks like others will fill in the space before long:)
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*Dorothy - UC Davis is so helpful. Thanks for the link.
*Far - I believe you're right. The apricot grows vigorously and should have no trouble renewing the lateral.