Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wisteria Pruning

The wisteria thrives in my Oildale garden. Last summer, I noticed that the trunk pushing up through the pergola was in danger of being too fat and busting up the structure.  Today was a nice warm day to take on the pruning.  Farmer MacGregor performed the surgery to remove as much of the tangled trunk to allow a nice canopy to develop and keep the structure in tact.

Fine Gardening has a nice article with wisteria pruning instructions.

Not sure what variety of wisteria this is.  The tag only says "Blue Wisteria".  Thanks.  Regardless.  It's a very hardy variety and should produce a nice, shady canopy by the end of this summer.

Here's a little before/after action:

 June 2012
February 2013

June 2012
February 2013


dorothy said...

Thank you for that link to wisteria pruning. Our plant is over 20 years old and has not bloomed for years. It was pruned severely last year due to work on the old gazebo. Maybe this year we will get it right! Your wisteria looks very happy!

HolleyGarden said...

I just love wisteria, but have always been scared to plant any in my garden, just because I've heard how strong and thick the stems can become. Your pergola is just beautiful!