Sunday, June 2, 2013

Boy Oh Boy! Boysenberries in the Kitchen

Thornless Boysenberries
It's hot.  No one wants to be outside.  So, what do you do?  Crack out the frozen boysenberries.  They're great by themselves.  But they're really great blended with some vanilla ice cream.  Further inspired, I cranked up the oven (Really smart on a hot day.), and made a cobbler.  Yet another great use of berries and vanilla ice cream.

Cranking up the oven is as simple as it sounds.  I need to go out to the breakers and flip on some power to these 2 pricey Dacor ovens that sporatically work.  Come back inside and see if the oven will stay on long enough to heat up.  It did.  I proceeded to  assemble the cobbler.  Amazingly, the oven stayed on to completion of the golden brown crust with boysenberry juices bubbling through.  Unbelievable success.  I really didn't expect the oven to work at all.  I have been using the BBQ, crockpot, and stovetop to prepare meals.

The kitchen is on the verge of being demolished.  The 1969 kitchen designed by a man that never had to work in a home kitchen will be brought up to speed.  I hope to chronicle the metamorphosis here with before, during, and after images along with notes on suggestions of what to do and what to avoid.  The garden will be mostly on auto pilot with chores done in the evenings as needed.

If anyone has suggestions of things that MUST be included in a kitchen, I would appreciate an email or comment to consider your suggestions.  Anything.  Now the plan is for stainless steel appliances, Shaker cabinets with pull out features.  No hanging cabinets.  Built in china cabinet.  Soapstone counters. Stone floors.  Pot lights.  My inspiration is FUNCTIONAL.  Everything must be easy to clean and keep clean.  Extra little frills are not going to make the cut.  Oh, and overpriced fluff will get the ax too.

So, by mid July the kitchen should be complete and thoroughly enjoyed. Fingers crossed.


Bill Bird said...

Nice! My boysenberry crop next year will be quite heavy, as will the Arapaho and Black Satin crops. I will finally have enough for boysenberry-blackberry cobblers or pies again. As for cutting back the old vines, my advice is wait. I usually do it during bare root season or just before bud break.


Bill: Thanks. So many conflicting suggestions.

Glennis said...

I wish we could have afforded soapstone counters when we did our kitchen, or even concrete. We ended up going with formica, in a nice color, but I long for the stone!

You don't have any wall cabinets at all? If I read that wrong, make sure you get under cabinet lighting.

We put in a wine cooler, and, if you're a wine drinker, that is a wonderful thing to have in a kitchen.

Good luck, and I can't wait to start following the progress!

Donna said...

That cobbler sounds wonderful! Good luck with the kitchen remodeling, I am anxious to see it finished.

Shirley said...

May I ask where you found frozen Boysenberries? I live in the East Bay Area of Northern California. Can't find them at Safeway,Lucky or even specialty stores. Blackberries yes, but not Boysenberries. Thanks,
Shirley Wilson


Shirley, I grow my own boysenberries and freeze them.