Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Boom!

It's June 1st and, just like calendar work, the plums are ripening.  We enjoyed sharing the 1st juicy goodness for dessert a couple of nights ago.  Santa Rosa plums are the 1st trees to break bud in the spring and the 1st trees to have fruit ripe in the summer.  Makes sense.  Duh!
Santa Rosa Plum
Next up are the Blenheim apricots.  Netting was moved from one of the spent boysenberries to the apricots for protection for those pesky garden birds.  Is it just me?  Or do you get annoyed by birds pecking from one fruit to the next leaving many damaged fruit rather than simply destroying one fruit?  Birds.
Blenheim Apricot
Farmer MacGregor's tomato patch is coming along.  His Better Boy tomatoes have improved in vigor as the heat turned up.  Some tomatoes are large and should be turning red soon; while still others are just developing.  They were planted in early April. Salsa!
Better Boy Tomato
Unfortunately, I did not note when the Black Beauty seeds were put in the ground.  I may stumble across a scrap of paper with the information or perhaps I noted it on the seed package

Farmer MacGregor planted Black Beauty Squash (zucchini) on April 21, 2013.  Regardless, I still maintain that the world's hunger problem could be solved by providing each person 2 mourning doves (male & female) and a few zucchini seeds.  Bounty.
Black Beauty Squash (zucchini)
There is plenty more going on in the garden; but this is what I captured before the temperature knocks on 100°F and the battery runs dry on my camera.  Time to close the house up and stay inside until the sun kisses the Pacific.


Anonymous said...

Up here we've got squirrels that pull the unripe almonds off the trees, take one or two nibbles, and then drop them on the ground. Such a waste.

My mom and grandma are heading to Bako today for a baby shower. I avoid traveling down there to visit the family in the summer. Too hot!

daisy g said...

Glad you had the chance to take some pix before the melting temps!
I'll bet those maters will be SO good!

dorothy said...

Your fruit and veggies are looking great. We seem to be in for the triple digits again. Thank goodness for air conditioning!


Daisy: so far so good with the tomatoes.

Dorothy: Yes. AC may just be the very best invention ever.

Glennis said...

Quite a difference in climate. Our plums and apricots are still wee little green balls.

We are going to be home when they ripen this year, unlike previous years, so I hope we will reap the harvest before the birds and rodents do!