Saturday, July 20, 2013

Air Conditioning - Best Invention Ever!

Mid July is about the time of summer that I have had my share of swamp pants and am ready for the coolnees of fall; but that ain't happening.  So I am thankful that we are not barbarians here in Bakersfield, California, and know precisely how to operate an air conditioner - thus reducing the much dreaded "swamp pants" incidences to a minimum.

Not many enjoy July heat; but some in the garden are flourishing:

O'Henry peach
The peach tree is really doing well this summer.  Several summers back it was scalded by the sun.  I thought it would need to be replaced; but wrapping the trunk last summer helped.  (The apple tree continues to need summer wrap.)  Now with no wrap, the peach tree is making a nice canopy of shade and some lovely peaches.
With the house in an upheaval due to remodeling in the kitchen, I have lost my notes on what variety of cantaloupes were planted in early May.  Three hills were planted.  Only a few seeds sprouted.  Those sprouts remained stunted at only 1 - 1.5 inches tall until the serious heat hit in July.  Then...BLAMO!  I suspect planting so early for whatever variety this is does not work best.  I need to remember to plant around Memorial Day in the future.

Gold Currant Tomato Volunteer
Gold Currant grape-sized tomatoes thrive in the garden.  Volunteers sprout everywhere and are constantly eliminated.  A few survive to provide bite sized snacks that my mother devours like candy.  These also make excellent fresh salsa.  I have a few lame peppers and onions in the garden that I may experiment to try to create a small amount of salsa on my kitchen table/ desk/catchall.

But for now, I'm inside running the air conditioner.


dorothy said...

I appreciate air conditioning, but I miss my garden!

daisy g said...

What beautiful food you are growing. Oh, I hope I can have a peach tree someday. Looks scrumptious!

Sue said...

We just came through "Hell Week"-temps in the upper 90's. We don't have AC--there are usually only 4-5 days a summer that are unbearable.
The night the heat broke, hubby and I were outside watering---we both commented at the same time that it was finally cool. The thermometer said 92. Guess we get used to it.....(but I don't WANT TO!)

Donna said...

Oh those peaches! Lucky you. We planted a peach tree two years ago and the first year it had little green peaches and they all fell off. The second year, no peaches. We just might take the peach tree down. No luck at all.

Unknown said...

Though summer spells “sweltering heat”, it's good to hear about the good things it brings like these lovely fruits and flowers blooming in your yard. And another good thing is that you are not suffering from the heat – thanks to your AC!
Launce @ Harris Aire Serv

Unknown said...

I agree on the blog title. Air-conditioning unit becomes our bestfriend every summer. It gives us comfort and cools us off from hot summer days. So long as it functions well enough and not get impaired in the middle of summer, when it could be scorching hot --- just imagine how irritating that would be.

--->Levi Eslinger @

Darryl Lyons @All About Air said...

Who would even argue that air conditioning is a blessing? It’s one of the things that keeps us sane and our heads cool during summer. Summer at home would be a very distasteful experience without it.

Unknown said...

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