Sunday, July 7, 2013

No Salsa in 2013

During this time of year, I should be harvesting the salsa garden and preserving some of my favorite stuff while I having growing.  This year, The peppers are puny and my back still is not allowed to get into gardening.  Dang it.  Farmer MacGregor's tomatoes are coming along nicely though.  His zucchini is getting away from him.  Those suckers have moved on to watermelon size and the squash bugs look like they will win the war again this summer.

 However, there is an even bigger reason I am unable to can. 

Kitchen Update:

The kitchen remodel leaves me with only a refrigerator.  No sink.  No stove.  No counter.  No nothing.

The drywall covers the new plumbing and electrical.  The only thing left from the original kitchen is the window and the door to the garage.  Even those were an upgrade years ago. 

So, it seems there is absolutely nothing left of the original 1968 kitchen.  We will suffer through the ordeal of the process of construction and not being able to have a kitchen so that a new, highly functional kitchen will be available for next salsa season.


dorothy said...

The waiting be will be worth it, both for the kitchen and the salsa! I hope it's not too hot down your way. We have had 11 days of triple digit temps with no break in sight!

Donna said...

A whole new kitchen is so exciting! You'll be canning away next year. I'm getting ready to can some dill pickles and tomato sauce. Our garden is producing like crazy this year!

Bill Bird said...

That's one empty kitchen!