Sunday, October 13, 2013

Neglected Garden

Iceberg Rose
Today I finally had some time to work out in the garden.  Still no bending, lifting (over 5 lbs), or twisting.  This is lovingly known at BLT.  However, the surgeon showed me a few tricks that enable me to work more in the garden.  Everything under the pergola got a pruning*, weeding, raking and fertilized.  It's kinda late in the year to apply fertilizer but one last shot of nutrition before winter arrives may provide stronger plants in the spring.  I don't know.  I simply felt like giving the neglected plants a boost.

In the evening, I started pruning the espalier trees.  The Santa Rosa plum has the top lateral pruned with a mind toward not crowding the 2014 crop.  2013 provided a bounty of plums.  I thinned out the branches but left enough new growth from this summer to allow buds to form in February.  The trees won't get fertilized until then.  It's time for them to go to sleep.  Granny Smith is still providing a nice load of tart apples to help us enjoy this cooler weather.  Dormant spray will be applied once all the trees have been pruned.

*Pruning plants under the pergola consisted of dead heading while pruning the espalier is a bit more sever - but not much.  Harder pruning will occur in January.

Kitchen Update
Now the item that has been soaking up most of my time is the kitchen remodel.  There are a few minor items (blinds, stools, range apron, wall decor) left to complete but the kitchen is fully functional and I love it.  Farmer MacGregor only strayed a little bit over estimates but well below what a professional designer initially quoted.  Today he prepared a rehearsal Thanksgiving dinner to determine how best to use the new range.  It was a wonderful success.


dorothy said...

The kitchen is gorgeous! Well worth waiting for. I'm glad you were able to get back to your garden. Just don't over do! (That's a beautiful photo of the rose.)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your kitchen looks wonderful! Love that travertine floor, you made some great choices. I hope you will be back to gardening as your back allows..don't over do:)

ChiotsRun said...

The kitchen is stunning, he did a great job. I'm certainly jealous of your range/hood - quite lovely.

HolleyGarden said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous. I love the contrast of dark and light. Don't worry about the garden - I've found that neglected gardens continue to go on without the gardener for a while. The only thing you may have is a few more weeds to contend with. Take care and don't overdo it.

Glennis said...

The kitchen is gorgeous. I know you will have a happy future there. Best wishes for recovery from surgery. Take it slow and don't push it.

Your garden looks so wonderful, even if you think it's neglected.