Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sweet Peas 2014

Sweet Peas
The sweet peas were planted late this evening using seeds collected from past vines.  More like night since me and old Ajax were out in the dark making sure the seeds were planted on December 1. I'm never sure what the blooms will be like or if there will even be any blooms.  Those danged doves may eat all the seeds.  There may also be a sweet pea bonanza in the spring.  It's a crap shoot. 

Some think the seeds need to be planted in late summer or early fall.  I've been planting them in December for sometime now with fairly good results.   No matter if the seeds are purchased or collected, it's helpful to soak them before planting. Full sun and well drained soil helps.  The vines will need something for the tendrils to climb.  However, they would probably grow like weeds almost anywhere.

Continual harvesting of the blossoms will help develop more flowers.  Once the weather gets hot, sweet pea season is over.  Let the blossoms go to seed and collect them for the next year.

Who doesn't enjoy a nice bouquet of sweet peas?


David said...

Maybelline, I've never tried sweet peas but the picture in your post looks glorious. I'm trying to think of flowering plants to add to the garden for color display. If they attract pollinators, it would be so much the better. Here in Nebraska all gardening is done as the temperatures are down in the teens or single digits every night now. It's always a sad day when the last visit to the garden for the year arrives. The good news is that January is coming with preparation for the sprouting seeds under the grow lights which start February 1st. I finally got my seed starting station completed and it worked wonderfully well last year. My 2014 garden is planned but is always subject to change until the seeds or plants go into the ground in the spring. As you know from my blog, a big Winter project, the basement reclamation, has been lined up to keep me busy this Winter. I may try some Winter greens growing under the grow lights in tubs this year just to see if it can be done.

Have a great sweet pea day.

Far Side of Fifty said...

The deer love Sweet Peas and can smell them for miles:)

Glennis said...

I love sweet peas! For many years, a crop that self-seeded from seeds I planted in 1996 flourished in my yard. Finally, about five years ago, they no longer return. I need to get some more seeds!