Sunday, December 22, 2013

Name That Plant

I usually put nursery tags in my Sunset Western Garden book (read: bible) to keep track of names, dates, and miscellaneous junk about plants in the garden.  I have failed. I don't even remember where I purchased the plants.  (I have a good guess though.) This plant was plugged into some hanging baskets this summer and they are still thriving. Nothing was singed by the recent freeze.

I snip off the spent buds occasionally, and feed them irregularly.  What are these flowers?  An easy care plant is something that needs to be trumpeted to all brown thumb gardeners all the way up to professors of horticulture. 


dorothy said...

I guess the Sunset Book is as good a place to keep ID tags as any other. I usually let them pile up on my desk, and then when they start to overflow, I put them in pockets in a binder with the intention of adding the names to my "Plant Journal" which is simply an excel spreadsheet. It's still hit and miiss. Your plant looks like it could be an aster but can't say for sure. Wishing you a happy Christmas!

daisy g said...

I agree with Dorothy, it looks like an aster. Lovely shade of blue.
Enjoy your holiday!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Marguerite daisy.

Lea said...

Very pretty! whatever it is
Merry Christmas!

David said...

Google Italian Aster for images and see what you think? If you can save some seeds, I'd like some. I've always loved these flowers. Especially the color but could never find a place that had seeds.

Have a great Winter Bakersfield day.


From the nursery:
This plant is called Brachycome multifida. It is a perennial herb related to asters. Common name is Swan River Daisy. Likes sun and not a lot of water. Unless it's in a hanging basket, where it dries out faster.

*Dave: If that's still something you would like seeds from, let me know.