Wednesday, January 1, 2014

You Little Pansy!

Viola - Jump Up Purple
Because 2013 kicked my butt, I'm determined to start 2014 off positively.  Today I planted pansies.  The sun was bright with no rain clouds for thousands of miles.  Three varieties were planted:  Dynamite Lavender, Jump Up (pictured), and Sorbet White. 

Because I'm still not cleared to bend, my gardening has been modified.  Using long handled tools I prepped the bed then augured the holes for the plants.  As I hovered over the hole, I plunked a plant right into place with the precision (sometimes) of a bombardier.  Loose soil was raked in around to tuck the plant into its new bed.  After a nice drenching of water, snail bait was dribbled out.  I used Deadline (Force II).  In the morning, I expect to still see my pansies with snail carcasses littering the flower bed.

The rain outlook for California in 2014 is tragic.  If you would like to follow the progress of our precipitation, try this website.  Mama mia!  Really tragic. 

Silver lining:  It looks like a perfect year to replace your lawn to conserve water.



daisy g said...

Your pansies are lovely. Sending healing thoughts your way. The gardener will not be deterred! ;0)
Happy New Year!

dorothy said...

Good for you, Maybelline! So glad you are out in your garden and planting! This drought is terrible! I was talking to a friend, a former valley resident, who now lives in the Bay Area, and she was asking about all the cold foggy days of winter she remembered. I said we have not had one foggy day yet and she could not believe it. Not even enough rain for fog! (For me that's a silver lining!)


*Dorothy - I love the fog.

Donna said...

Pretty pansies. Where there's a will, there's a way! Hope you are doing well.