Saturday, April 1, 2017

EVERYBODY is Busy in the Garden

Spanish Lavender

Spring has arrived along with garden tasks to get ready for summer.  Winter crops like broccoli have been cleared to make way for summer favorites like tomatoes and peppers.  The last of the beets and carrots are hanging in there; but Hades heat will force them to fade to make way for more tomatoes.
Weeds have been cleaned away to at least start summer without weeds.  When July gets here, I really don't give a flying floo hoo if there are weeds.  It will be too danged hot.   For now digging, raking, hoeing, planting, pruning, composting, repairing, fertilizing, irrigating, and tidying are generally pretty enjoyable.


My current quest is to find some durable purple blooming plants to accent the garden.  Lavender is always a strong choice.  Purple Prince Zinnias have been proven winners.  Monrovia has a compact salvia called Marcus Meadow Sage that I'm thinking of ordering through a local nursery.  Calibrachoa has worked great in the past and is now hanging in several baskets in the garden to entice pollinators throughout the summer.

Hope you're enjoying all of your garden chores.


Sue said...

I chuckle at the differences in our garden year. I'm getting my list together for SPRING clean-up....and you've already finished your CROPS. Oh my-how lucky!
I have used that "Marcus" sage--the color is so intense-it's GORGEOUS! And, I might add, mighty tough plant. I'm sure you will enjoy it.
Happy Gardening

Rowena said...

I agree on not minding weeding chores during spring; summertime is meant for cold drinks and reading books under the shade!