Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What's in a Name?

Thornless Boysenberry - Berry White
This year looks to be an excellent year for most everything in the garden.  Thornless Boysenberries are no exception.  There are six plants that thrive in the garden to the point of being invasive.  Sprouts need to be plucked as soon as possible throughout the growing season to avoid a bramble jungle.  That ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure.

Enameled Metal Name Plate (Pinterest)
I've postponed for years the idea of attaching name plates to each of the berry supports giving names to my Boysenbabies.  A Frenchy looking metal name plate with enamel coating is what I'm looking for.  White with black pin-striping and black script lettering is my goal.  A local sign shop just up the road from Floyd's Hardware (one of my favorite stores) might be able to set me up with what I need or point me in the right direction.  I'll task Farmer MacGregor with installing them on the support structures.  He's a picky guy.

Boysenberry Support Structures - 2015
Above is an image from 2015 to show the structures better.  Currently, the berries fill the trellis portion.  The name plates will be on the top rail.  Here are some of the names I'm considering:

  • Berry White - That's my biggest berry baby.
  • Berry Manilow - He's off to the side pretending he's a tomato and will try to surprise us all that he's actually a boysenberry.  (Berry, we know & it's no big deal.  No surprise here.)
  • Frankenberry - This guy has run away volunteers.  They're just monstrous.
  • Chuck Berry - He's located on the east end where I set up my music when I'm working in the garden.  Chuck rocks!
  • Chuck Berris - Right next to Chuck Berry is Chuck Berris.  Whenever a dud piece of music plays, it will get the gong.  (Note:  I need to install a gong next to Chuck Berris.)
  • Berry Williams - Since there are six plants, I thought Berry Williams would fit right in.
Some of these names may be obscure to some; but they make sense to me.  And it's my garden.  However, nothing is set in stone yet.  Other names I'm considering:
  • Berry Gibb
  • Berry Bonds
  • Berry Obama (Doubt it.  Making my garden great again!)
  • Madame du Berry
  • Marion Berry
  • Maryanne Trump Berry
  • Berry Fitzgerald
  • Berry Goldwater
  • Berry Williams
If you have a name to be considered, kindly leave your suggestion in the comment section.  Gracias.


Sue said...

Ha-what a great idea!

scott said...

Thanks for sharing!

~TastyTravels~ said...

Love your boysenberry supports! Beautiful!

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