Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fog Delay

I’m home sick today with seasonal junk.  I looked out the window this morning and was pleased to see fog.DSC_1148_2473 Tule fog forms around Christmas time.  When the fog is too thick, school is delayed (usually 2 hours).  Every child loves fog.  Not only is school delayed but Rudolph needs to make sure his nose is working properly.DSC_1153_2478This weather is delightful.  We get a break from dry heat and constant irrigation.  Now there is cool fog and dew everywhere.DSC_1156_2481A few plants didn’t survive the frost.  They were mostly summertime volunteers and weren’t expected to make it into December.  For the most part, the winter veggies are thriving.DSC_1130_2454I welcome the fog.  Today, I will stay inside wearing my “comfies”, embroidering, and watching movies.  Life is sweet.

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