Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Holy Cow! Can we please have winter a little bit longer? Yesterday, that rodent saw his shadow in Punksatony. I thought that meant that there would be an additional six weeks of winter. Today, it may hit 80 degrees. Anyone covered in snow and ice would gladly trade me and my whining; but we get enough hot, dry weather that I enjoy the break from sweating. Another thing to whine about is the fact that my newly planted fruit trees will be responding to the heat by producing plump buds. It will, no doubt, get cold again and I'm not sure how that will affect fruit production. Nonetheless, the almond orchards usually explode in February. I hope to get out there and take some photos. In the meantime, my linen wardrobe is on standby.
1:45pm The temperature is 81 degrees. Clear, blue skies with no rain/snow in the near forecast. We desperately need the precipitation. Check out the weather gadget on the right side of the screen to see the weather where I am.

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