Monday, February 16, 2009

Citrus Inn

Two of the four citrus trees are in the ground! The Navel Orange and the Grapefruit trees were planted this weekend before the wind, rain, and hail hit. The lemon and mandarin will be planted in pots and placed on the extended patio (Whenever the extended patio is constructed!).

We're waiting for all threats of a freeze to pass before continuing on with concrete construction. I can wait. Right now, I'm enjoying the cool, wet weather.


Anonymous said...

I envy you your fruit trees!

That glass of OJ makes me long for sunshine and summer.


L said...

BOO! Bakersfield only get 2 months of cold weather and then the rest of the year is like living in Hell.

lonley writer said...

......why do i live in the cold?!?!?! ;)
great photos