Saturday, May 2, 2009

Flower Power

Summertime is on its way in the garden. Here’s how things are progressing:
The hydrangea is beginning to change color. Remember the pest problem I had earlier? The ladybugs must have taken care of the offenders.

Marigolds from seed fill the blocks that make up the raised bed for the tomatoes and peppers. This is a sure sign that summer is almost here.

A couple of “almost dead” lavenders were transplanted into the blocks. They were cut back and now they are all blooming.

The bare root wisteria didn’t look like it was going to grow very well earlier this spring. An older wisteria was transplanted on another post of the pergola. Surely the older plant would reach the top long before Junior. Now Junior is up to the top of the pergola. It beat the old wisteria in the race. Show off!

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