Sunday, May 3, 2009

Produce is Producing

The peas probably won't even make it out of the garden. So far, I sit in the chair and eat them on the spot. They are so crisp and sweet. The flavor brought back a fond memory from years ago.
Grapes! The grape vine is taking off. The arbor is there for support. We're adding a garden gate and fence; so this lovely will have plenty to climb upon.


Lisa Paul said...

What kind of grapes? Eating or wine-making?


The grapes are for eating - Red Flame (self fruiting).

Siren said...

ok more questions! I'm doing peas as well (sugar snaps). I tried to plant an entire row, but as of right now I only have three and maybe a fourth that look like they are taking off.

Is that going to produce any peas to speak of or should I keep trying to replant seeds to start?

How tall do they climb before they start sending out pea shoots?

Man it is nice to see someone growing the same kind of stuff and posting photos! You must have planted much earlier than I. We had late frosts/temperature fluctuations here in VA.


Siren: I grow in zone 9 and it gets really hot...too hot for peas to grow at least. They do much better with cooler temperatures. Check your seed package to find out more about the variety you planted. I planted a bush variety. Rather than charting the length of the vine, perhaps you should count the days since you planted.

I posted a bit more about peas on May 24, 2009.

Good luck.