Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cantaloupe? More Like Can-A-Loupe

DSC_0571_796 On May 2, this raised bed had tomatoes, zucchini, cantaloupe, and watermelons.

DSC_0944_1143By May 29, it was clear that the zucchini was on steroids and the watermelon were acting just like Manny Ramirez. The Golden Heart cantaloupe were going to get muscled out. I had to think of some place to transplant them.

DSC_1089_1300Six of the plants were transplanted into the old pea patch. I didn’t think the transplants would make it. I would give them until the second week of June to show signs of life before I would sew more seeds. I was too embarrassed to take photos after they were transplanted. Man, they looked pathetic. The photo above was taken on June 18 and shows much improvement.

DSC_1102_1322Just nine days later on June 27, the melons are starting to overrun the raised bed they were transplanted into. Remarkable. There’s even an abundance of melons.

DSC_1092_1313I suspect they will be sweet and juicy by mid to late July.


Rowena said...

YOU definitely have a green thumb. If I tried a stunt like that it would be a flop. Look forward to seeing the ripe fruit!

Lisa Paul said...

Ugggh. Zucchini. Does anyone really like zucchini? It tastes of nothing. I guess people grow it...because it grows. I'm proud to have a Zucchini-free garden.


Lisa: I'm making a zucchini casserole tonight.
Zucchini, tomatoes, onions, garlic, salt/pepper cooked in a covered casserole for about an hour. Uncover and throw a ton of shredded cheddar over the mess. Put it back in the oven until everything is golden and bubbley.
Of course, I make minestrone soup and zucchini muffins and cakes to keep in the freezer. They're also great in shish kabob.

Maureen said...

I absolutely LOVE zucchini! ....fritters, grilled, bread, zucchini bake.....yum :)

Right now I'm actually going thru withdrawels because the aphids have slowed down production significantly. We're waiting for our second crop to kick in so we can get our zucchini 'fix'.