Saturday, June 20, 2009


The 1st eggplant was harvested this morning along with all the fixin's to make ratatouille.

I've never made it before. I've never handled eggplant before.
With the help of Jacques Pepin, I plan on mastering this dish. The only thing I had to buy for the meal was the crusty sourdough bread because I cannot make bread successfully.


Maureen said...

How did your onions do this year, and when did you plant them? I see a big red onion in your basket there and mine pretty much all bolted (except a few yellow ones).
What's your zone-9 secret :)

Lisa Paul said...

Amazing how far ahead of us in Northern California you are in Bakersfield. I'm just starting to get green baby tomatoes.


The onions sets were planted in February. I give the marjority of the credit to importing soil for my raised beds. The native soil to my area is solid clay. Although the San Joaquin Valley has wonderful farming soil, I'm located closer to the foothills where clay and cobble is king. Other than that, I don't have a clue on my good luck, Maureen.

Lisa, I plan on canning very, very soon. It looks like all 12 tomato plants will be maturing all at once. This is perfectly fine since the peppers are ready to join them and some onions to make salsa - my favorite condiment.

Siren said...

ratatouille, YUM. Lucky gardener! We found a recipe years ago where you make the ratatouille and then stuff it into a big tomato with some grated mozzarella and chopped basil and then grill that tomato. It's so delicious that we sometimes make it two nights in a row, even though it's very labor intensive