Friday, August 7, 2009

Pumpkin Update

The aphids are winning.  They have descended on the pumpkin patch and are breeding like…like insects.  I started by blasting them off with water.  That worked mildly.  I persisted; but they outnumber me.  My friends the ladybugs swooped in for a feast.DSC_1441_1668

They liked the food so much they told their friends.  Everyone stuck around for a mad aphid orgy; and now I have a flock of ladybugs working overtime trying to keep those aphids under control.DSC_1450_1677 Baby ladybugs are pretty creepy looking; but they are very hungry.


This is a very small sample of what the bug population in the pumpkin patch looks like.  I’m considering using soap; but I’m not sure what the effects are on the ladybugs.

DSC_1490_1698 I was trying to put the biggest pumpkin on a wooden support to keep it out of the mud.  This would prevent any scarring, rotting, or bug damage.  Just as I feared, the danged stem popped right off the squash.  No snap.  No crack.  Just a pop. 

DSC_1493_1701 Here.  You can see how big this baby is next to my size 9 Croc.  Now what can I do?  It’s only August.  These were planted on June 10 with hopes of having Halloween pumpkins.


How much longer until October?

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Lisa Paul said...

A flock of little birds has descended on my watermelon patch and has happily picked the place clean of all bugs. Don't know what I did to trigger this, but I'm searching for bird rewards.

Maureen said...

Would it make you feel better if we come by and say 'trick or treat'??? Do you have candy?

At least you got pumpkins, we planted our second crop 3 days ago, we'll see how that goes.

Erin said...

I've had pumpkins last outside on my deck for nearly a year! At the end they weren't all too stable LOL but still together enough to move to the compost in one piece. Or two. Maybe store it in a cool dark spot for the next 6 weeks or so?


The pumpkin is really turning a nice orange. The pumpkins on the vines are ripening up as well. I'll try to remember to post a photo.