Friday, July 31, 2009

Did You Vote Today?!


Vote today!

If you took the time to vote today, thank you.  If you don’t have time today, maybe you can vote tomorrow.  Voting ends on August 11.  You can vote everyday until then.

Now, what picture looks like it’s from the 1960s?  The 1st photo or this one?

LAUREN09-0728BCROP 1You can tell me your choice in the comments AFTER you follow the link to vote.

In the famous words of Bartells and James Bartles and Jaymes , “We appreciate your support.”



Lisa Paul said...

Okay, my five star vote is in. And thanks for bringing back Bartles and Jaymes. Love those guys. Although the wine cooler was crap.

rory said...

Okey dokey. I voted. Who am I voting for?


Lauren428 is my daughter. She's having a little fun just to see what might happen. Thanks for your vote(s).

You can vote Chicago style each day until August 11.