Tuesday, January 26, 2010


DSC_1044_2915Years ago, my kids would pull these flowers (weeds) and make bouquets for the neighbors.  Our yard once had scads of them.  Now there are only a few that remain.  They bloom in the early Spring.  I like to keep some around to remind me of those cute kids.DSC_1047_2918Oxalis luteol has clover shaped leaves.  The roots are tuberous.  The flowers have five petals and grow in bunches on long, slender stems.  How they get from growing in the ground to growing in a pot I just don’t know.  One thing – they’re easy to grow so they must be a weed.DSC_1055_2924The bees were buzzing the other day, busy collecting pollen for honey.  The warm sun encouraged the blossoms to open and invited the bees in.  I wonder what the honey tastes like.DSC_1060_2929 Today, it rained again.  No bees.


Maureen said...

Love the photos, you make weeds look good!

ps. and our chickens devour oxalis....thankfully (she says sarcastically) we have no shortage of it :)

Glennis said...

Maybelline, I never noticed your gardening blog before, just your other one.

I love it! I am confounded by these oxalis - they're so pretty and cheerful and yet they are also such rampant weeds for me! I don't know whether to love them or hate them.

It sounds like you work harder at gardening than I do these days. I once was quite a busy person in the garden. Not so much anymore, but I still do love observing, dreaming, thinking.