Sunday, January 10, 2010

Garden Diet

DSC_1387_2790 As with most new years, there are resolutions to get thin.  On this cold, wet, and foggy morning, I thinned the beets and carrots.  I didn’t need to pitch most of them.  The baby beets were cooked and pickled to use on the salad for dinner that was picked fresh (romaine, spinach, and bibb).  DSC_1388_2791 The carrots were used for the chicken stew.  Since there weren’t enough, my friends for the local carrot giant, Bolthouse Farms supplemented the balance.  Thanks guys.DSC_1393_2796The stew is a concoction of chicken, bacon, onions, garlic, beer, and broth.  How can you go wrong?  Peas will be added a bit closer to the end of cooking time.DSC_1395_2797 Now I can go watch thee football playoffs while the stew simmers and the fireplace crackles as I drift off into a deep nap.

I’m a regular modern day Elizabeth Lane!  Everything is hunky dunky.

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