Sunday, March 7, 2010

Darwin’s Diner

DSC_1049_3455Darwin’s Diner for 2010 is being built in some fern baskets hanging from the pergola.  You see, mourning doves start building their nests around here at this time of year and continue through summer.  They’ve started their families in a cubby above the garage in years past.  The eggs would roll out of the twigs and kersplat on the pavement below.  Dummies.  This year, they’ve found cushy digs nestled in already built nests.  These birds must think they’re genius.  They don’t have to build a nest and they are hanging high above the ground.

They didn’t take a couple of items into consideration…


DSC_0337_385These 2 links in the food chain look forward to helping balance out nature here at Darwin’s Diner.

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