Saturday, March 20, 2010


Is it the 1st day of Spring?  I don’t really know since I’m barefoot and in shorts.  The warm weather is really plumping up the wisteria.  Here’s how it looked last week on March 13, 2010.DSC_1091_3488 Kind of looks like pale strawberries doesn’t it?  Today, March 20,2010, the buds have really come along.DSC_1139_3531 There are 2 vines planted with hopes they will spiral up the pergola and shade us with wonderfully perfumed petals.  So far, so good.  One vine was given to me by my dad years ago.  When the yard was reconfigured, it needed to be moved.  Its survival was questionable; but it pulled through and now blooms great.  The youngest vine was purchased as bare root in January 2009 and looks as though it will also thrive.DSC_1081_3383 The pergola is in the background beyond the sweet peas, nectarines, and one incredibly sweet, fluffy, darling kitty.  An old nurseryman here in Bakersfield recommends cutting the vine back several times during the growing season to encourage continuous blossoms.  His vines bloom as much as 5 times from spring to fall.DSC_0586_807 Bring on the shade.  Summer is on its way.

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Francesca said...

I didn't know about cutting the wisteria vines. Here they flower early spring before leafing, and again briefly and less spectacularly in summer. I love wisteria, I even made an embroidery of a blossom last year!